Volunteer Service

Lend A Helping Hand

The WMAA family gives back. Yes, it’s true, we have made it a requirement for students to log volunteer hours each year. But it’s a necessity in order teach students the value of volunteer service and the responsibility of good citizenship.

Learn Life Lessons

By helping others WMAA students learn new skills and experience life lessons they may not have learned in any other way—lessons that are instilled for a lifetime. And best yet they learn the secret of volunteering – that when you volunteer you receive far more than you give. WMAA staff believes that community service is an important component of the educational and developmental process and seeks to accomplish the following objectives through regular community service.

  • Students develop civic-mindedness
  • Students develop independent work skills
  • Students develop a sense of teamwork

Annual Volunteering Activities

  • Fifth Third Riverbank Run – largest group of volunteers outside of Fifth Third Bank employees
  • Freshman clean-up of Camp O’Malley with GE Aviation
  • Honor Flights

Student Volunteer Opportunities

Need volunteers for your organization or event? Share your opportunity here!