Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a National team competition. WMAA SO is a team and a club offering leadership roles.


Science Olympiad is a track and field type of academic sport that revolves around science knowledge dealing with Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Earth Science, and Engineering. We compete with teams of up to 15 students in 23 events. Typically, pairs of students compete in hour-long time slots in each of the events. The events are grouped into test-only (no pre-built device), build-only (no written test), and hybrid. Tournament Saturdays go from about 8am to 3pm at the host school, not including the awards ceremony that follows.

Last season we competed at 5 invitational tournaments including Portage, Haslett, WOSO, UofM, and Allendale. Our teams earned either a medal or ribbon in 19 out of 23 events across those tournaments. Unfortunately the season was cut short by Caronavirus concerns with the cancellation of Regional, State and National tournaments.

If you enjoy STEM, academic competitions and/or events that require building devices, join us. We meet Mondays afterschool until 5, and Saturdays 10 to 3, with up to 7 Saturday tournaments. For more information contact us at

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