Technology In The Classroom


Innovative Teaching Resources

West Michigan Aviation Academy has embraced technology for teaching, learning, and communication. During our initial year of operation, we implemented Steelcase’s innovative classroom design called “Learning Labs” as our model for instruction. Using the Steelcase “Node” chairs and a unique system of three projectors/screens and other technology, our teachers were able to assure each student of the ability to see the material being presented. As our facilities have expanded, we have continued to implement this model of classroom technology.

1-to-1 Chromebook Initiative

Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, we transitioned to Chromebooks for our student devices. We felt it was important to continue a 1-to-1 students device initiative at our school in order to provide equal access to technology for all students. In switching to Chromebooks, students now have access to a larger screen and a physical keyboard, while still maintaining the ability to use a touch screen for handwriting and annotations. We are excited with the functions that Chromebooks currently provide, and are looking forward to the additional functionality that Google continues to add.

Online Learning

Additionally, WMAA has implemented online learning opportunities. The availability of online courses expands students’ elective choices, especially when our teacher-led courses do not fit their schedules for one reason or another. Online work also provides students with credit-recovery options.

Interactive & Collaborative Learning

We continue to adapt classroom instruction to become more interactive and collaborative, using our technology as tools for learning. It is an exciting journey!