Fit for Flight


9th Grade PE


0.5 PE


11, 12 (May be repeated)

This course will be structured around the United States Air Force Academy fitness standards in the following areas:

  • Body composition (progress towards healthy body composition)
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Cardiovascular Endurance

Students will learn the proper knowledge and skills necessary to enhance their personal fitness and meet the expectations of the Air Force Academy’s fitness standards. Students will perform cardiovascular workouts (running, stretching, ladders, hurdles, plyometric boxes, and aerobic exercises) and will engage in strength training (core lifting, auxiliary lifting, chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups). This program will be structured on an individual basis so each student may achieve the maximum benefit. Students will be continuously educated on proper stretching, nutrition, and lifting techniques. Grades are based the U.S. Air Force Academy standards and include performance assessments. The emphasis is on continuation of a weight-training regimen beyond class and an overall care for a healthy lifestyle.