English Language Arts


West Michigan Aviation Academy offers a rigorous program in English Language Arts, incorporating instruction in reading, writing, listening, and speaking that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The Academy provides a traditional English curriculum with opportunities in both traditional English courses and accelerated Honors classes. Students take yearlong English courses all four years of high school.

English Department at a Glance

  • Supporting students in Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening
  • Classic and Contemporary Literature
  • Honors and AP Opportunities
  • Real-World Research
  • SAT, College, and Career Prep
  • Achievement Based Instruction

Pillars of the Department

Each English course deliberately focuses on these skills:

Applied Writing and Portfolio Monitoring
As a department, we have worked diligently to create a program that prepares our students for their life beyond high school. We recognize that writing is one of the most necessary skills for students’ futures and that the ability to write well will directly impact their career outlook. For this reason, we track student growth through a variety of methods, including student-monitored writing portfolios. Through this model, students are able to see their scores on published pieces and sample SAT writes and actively reflect on their feedback. Most importantly, our students track their growth over their high school career, proving their gradual success.

Reading for Information and for Choice
The Academy’s dedication to reading is school-wide. The English department supports all subject area teachers in their efforts to develop content area literacy. Within the department, we recognize the importance of studying traditional literature alongside informational text. In addition to our assigned literature, we have implemented choice reading programs at multiple grade levels to help foster an intrinsic love of reading within our students.

Our school uses the Sadlier-Oxford College Readiness vocabulary program to expose our students to over 800 academic words through direct instruction, preparing them for exposure to college level text.

A daily dedication to grammar solidifies our students understanding the English language. A consistent focus on Parts of Speech, Syntax, Text Editing, and Sentence Complexity ensures advanced readability and specific writing from our students.