Curriculum Planning

Reach Your Potential

At WMAA particular attention is paid to our guidance programs. Providing support for students to meet their full potential requires dedication, consistency and the ability to recognize areas where students can benefit from individual support and direction. In a school whose mission is to provide a rigorous academic program, the expectation is that all our graduates will be prepared to pursue, and be successful in, a post-secondary program.

Curriculum Development

Not only do our guidance programs assist in student development, careful consideration and direction is provided in the selection of WMAA’s curriculum. Our guidance team provides information when developing curriculum that shape courses of study that more accurately reflect the needs of our students.

The four-year plan for each student is developed from the beginning, and includes the requirements established in the Michigan Merit Curriculum plus a four-year aviation curriculum exposing all students to the many aspects of the broader aviation field. By junior year students are prepared to select the pathway of their choice: flight science, engineering, aviation business, aviation maintenance technology, or avionics (aviation electronics).

Facilitating Success

Teaching students to utilize school resources so they may achieve at their highest potential encourages students to take responsibility of their educational goals. Our guidance services also provide suggestions for program improvements, conduct research and make suggestions for educational improvements, counsel students, and foster a collaborative student environment.

2020-2021 Course Selection Handbook

Graduation Requirements