Whitcomb, Tyler

Tyler Whitcomb My name is Tyler Whitcomb and I am going into my 3rd year as the Athletic Director at West Michigan Aviation Academy. Starting this, I will also be helping out Mr. Groce as the Academy Liaison Officer along with my duties as the Athletic Director and Boys Varsity Basketball Coach. I graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Recreation Management. I bring 16 years of basketball coaching experience all throughout West Michigan. I’m entering my second year as the boys varsity basketball coach here at WMAA. Before coaching at WMAA, I had coaching stints at GR Catholic Central, Union High School, Tri Unity Christian and Grandville High School. I also have years scouting pro basketball and served a role as the General Manager of 2 professional basketball teams in the International Basketball League for the Grand Rapids Flight and the Holland Blast.