VandenBerg, Peter

I graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Science for secondary education with minors in Physics and German. Upon graduating, I was fortunate enough to gain employment at WMAA teaching Biology. Over the following 4 years, I also taught Chemistry, Physics, and a few engineering courses. By year 5, I was only teaching engineering courses and had developed 4 new engineering courses from scratch. Also during this time, I spent 3 summers learning best practices for engineering education at various universities around the country.

I am passionate about hands-on experiences in education and promoting real-life learning opportunities. I love learning in general and is continuously excited to share that love with students. Above almost all other educational loves, I LOVES to explore the whys and hows of all topics within my educational scope (and beyond). I love making connections between different subject areas and expanding his overall base of knowledge to be able to better understand the world and how it works as well as the people in it and how they work.

Outside of academic and professional life, I enjoy working on cars and motorcycles as well as going to car shows. I am married and my wife and I have a dog and 3 daughters (that’s chronologically ordered…not importance). In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, skiing, hiking, and camping with my wife and brother as well as working on and driving/riding my cars/motorcycles. In addition to these things, in spring of 2019, I joined the Army National Guard. Serving in our country’s armed forces is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and that I’m very proud and excited to be doing.

I harbor a lifelong interest in aviation (including in atmosphere and in space) and greatly enjoy the daily expansion of that interest and passion while being at WMAA. I have met and heard talks by many astronauts and will never pass up that kind of opportunity – going into space is one of my biggest life dreams (not really a goal, just a dream). I learn more about aviation daily and continue to be impressed and excited by the opportunities that WMAA provides for its faculty and students.

I continue to be excited to be a part of West Michigan Aviation Academy and bring my passion for science, engineering and lifelong learning to the students as well as the faculty and staff.