Sebuck, David

David SebuckMr. Sebuck is a retired lieutenant colonel after proudly serving twenty-two years in the United States Marine Corps. He was trained as an F/A-18 Hornet pilot and served in multiple leadership positions in operational and training squadrons, at the Pentagon, and at Headquarters Marine Corps. Several of his assignments include positions as a flight instructor, head of aviation safety, aircraft operations and aircraft maintenance, platoon commander, regimental/division air officer, executive officer, and career counselor. In addition, he has been project lead for numerous teams that explored future warfighting concepts and performed weapon system capability gap analysis. Throughout his career he served in multiple combat operations in the Balkan Peninsula and the Middle East.

Mr. Sebuck is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management Technology and has a Master’s of Science in Education from Old Dominion University, and earned a Career and Technical Education Certification from Western Michigan University. Mr. Sebuck joined West Michigan Aviation Academy in July of 2013 and enjoys instilling a love of aviation and a desire for lifelong learning in all his students.