Rosol, Kira

Kira Rosol Ms. Rosol is very excited to begin her third year at WMAA as a Spanish, World Cultures, and Sociology teacher!

In the spring of 2018, Ms. Rosol graduated summa cum laude from Grand Valley State University where she studied Spanish, History, and Secondary Education. While in college, she joined Sigma Delta Pi as well as Phi Alpha Theta, the National Spanish and History Honor Societies, and she was chosen by the GVSU faculty to receive the Excellence-in-a-Discipline Awards for Spanish and Secondary Education.

Ms. Rosol’s passion for Spanish began in her childhood when her Puerto Rican grandmother would tell her stories and sing songs from her homeland. As a result of her Latina heritage, Ms. Rosol has always felt a deep connection to the Spanish language. She has had the opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico and Mexico multiple times, and she dreams of traveling to Spain and Peru.

Ms. Rosol is also a huge history buff, so much so that she worked at Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse as a historic interpreter before teaching at WMAA. She loved wearing Edwardian-era clothing, meeting people from all over the world, and teaching them about the importance of the lighthouse.

In her free time, Ms. Rosol enjoys acting, singing, dancing, playing the piano and violin, reading, writing, traveling, researching her personal genealogy, and spending time with family.