Randall, Leeann

Leeann Randall This is Ms. Randall’s first year at WMAA. She teaches English 11, English Language Development II, Leadership, and Flight Brief.

Ms. Randall grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, then attended Calvin University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. From there she began her teaching career abroad in Zarqa, Jordan, where she taught English to third and eighth graders. This year Ms. Randall is thrilled to be teaching in America again and even more thrilled to be back in a high school! She hopes to use her international experience to engage students in conversations about empathy, life-long learning, and global citizenship.

Ms. Randall’s passions outside of the classroom include painting and drawing, travel, mediocre ukulele playing, cheesy TV shows, and after school power naps.