DeBoer, Austin

Austin DeBoer Mr. DeBoer graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2020 with teaching certifications in both Math and Computer Science. While in college, Mr. DeBoer was a teacher assistant at Sparta Middle School working with 7th and 8th grade Math students. He also had the opportunity to be a student teacher at Rockford High School working with Computer Science and Intro to Calc students.

At WMMA, Mr. DeBoer is an Academic Interventionist, Math teacher, and Physics teacher. Mr. DeBoer’s goal as an educator is to build a community of lifelong learners by equipping students with the tools they need to succeed. In doing this he hopes to create a collaborative space where every student feels comfortable sharing their ideas and point of view. Outside of school Mr. DeBoer enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, board games, video games, woodworking, crafting, and cooking.