The Culture of Aviation at West Michigan Aviation Academy

Students at WMAA are afforded countless opportunities to experience aviation through classroom field trips, corporate aviation job shadows, incentive flights, and honored guest speakers. Being uniquely located at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, our students tour airfield agencies such as: control tower operations; radar air traffic control; maintenance and facility operations; fire rescue; airport terminal operations; and fixed base operators such as Signature Flight. Job shadows to G. E. Aviation, Eaton Aerospace, and Cascade Engineering provide students a unique inside perspective within the industry of aviation. Finally, WMAA has made honored guest speakers a priority for our students to have access to the finest role models our country has to offer. To date, guest speakers have included: Retired General Colin Powell, Astronaut Mark Kelly, and former President George W. Bush. If you are interested in learning more about the fields of aviation, WMAA is the place for you!

On-Campus Resources

Expanding the classroom walls come naturally especially since we are uniquely located at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. WMAA’s campus location allows students to tour airport tenant facilities such as aircraft rescue and fire fighting, air traffic control tower, terminal radar approach control, fixed-based operators, airport maintenance and facility operations, airline and freight operations, and corporate aviation facilities.

Instilling Leadership

Just as airplanes need lift to take flight, success in life requires core leadership skills. Communications, decision making, problem solving, team collaboration, planning, public speaking and critical thinking are emphasized daily in the Aviation and Engineering curriculum.