Brasser, Dave

Dave Brasser Mr. Brasser graduated from Calvin College in 2010. He graduated with degrees in mathematics and physics while also completing the secondary education program.

During his studies, Mr. Brasser had the opportunity to teacher aide at Grandville Middle School, student teach at East Grand Rapids High School, and serve as an intern at Achievement First Bushwick Middle School (Brooklyn, NY). He has also had the privilege of tutoring students in addition to his work in schools.

In addition to his studies, Mr. Brasser had the privilege of participating in service projects as well as serving as one of the student leaders of Knight Nation, Calvin College’s athletic fan base.

Mr. Brasser is excited to be part of the beginning stages of West Michigan Aviation Academy. He is eager to help shape the science curriculum and get the program up and running. Additionally, Mr. Brasser plans to further his studies in the future, pursuing either a masters or a doctorate in education.